12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water First Thing When You Wake Up

Drinking water when you wake up may not sound like an exciting thing to do, but when you make it a routine habit, it gets easier. The health benefits and positive impact of drinking water first thing in the morning are incredible. The goal of every human being is staying healthy and having a healthy lifestyle.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Take Water First Thing In The Morning

It would be best if you hydrated often, and you can start this routine practice in the morning by drinking water first thing after waking up. If you wonder why doctors recommend drinking water, the first thing after waking up the answers to this question are many. The first answer to this question is that drinking the specified water glasses in a day is an easy way of staying healthy.

You can manage to drink even more than the eight glasses through consistency, and your body cells function usually. The body is made up of seventy percent of the water in the blood; hence, you can get sick when you suffer from hydration issues.

Water helps in digestion, and when you take water first thing in the morning, you reduce your chances of suffering from indigestion and other stomach issues.

Some doctors who practice ayurvedic medicine say that drinking water in the morning reduces the chances of suffering from chronic diseases. Some types of cancer can be healed through the intake of water. Drinking water in the morning can help reduce pain in cancer patients and ulcers patients.

These are the glasses of water you should take when you wake up.

After understanding the effectiveness of drinking water after waking up, there are other things that you need to know about the intake of water. You should drink water after waking up as it is the best time to conduct your water therapy for healthier skin and nourishment. Set a schedule like after waking up, wait for thirty minutes to drink your first glass. Do not eat anything else during the thirty minutes. This helps in detoxing and maintaining your hydration. Add five more glasses slowly, and then you can drink the other glasses during the day.

When you drink the first six glasses in the morning, you will end up drinking more than eight glasses by the end of the day, and it’s a way of promoting better health. When you drink the recommended glasses of water in a day, you stand a better chance of detoxing, and you will stay hydrated in the day.

You can drink three to four glasses as a beginner to this morning water therapy, but with time after you get used to drinking the glasses, you will be fine. The more glasses you drink in a day, the better it gets for you.

When you are implementing this therapy, you should avoid alcohol consumption because it may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

What’s The Best Water To Drink?


Drinking clean and plain water direct from a tap is healthy, but you should boil the water first to reduce the germs and get the most out of your water therapy. When you are on a water therapy routine practice, there are some things that you should avoid. Watch out for fluoridated water because it contains chemicals that can contaminate the water, hence damaging your general health.

Most of the water’s chemicals are chlorine-related chemicals and some metals that get in the sources of water like rivers or acidic rain components. This is why you should boil water if you have tap water mostly, and you can use a water dispenser or water filter at home.

These are the health reasons why you should drink water first thing in the morning.

  1. You will quickly cleanse the stomach and enhance digestion.

When you spend eight hours asleep, your stomach is empty in the morning; hence drinking water is advisable. The water you take in the morning hours will nourish your general body and assist in the digestion processes. The absorption of food is enhanced, and this is an excellent way of detoxing. It also helps reduce the digestion problems and chronic illnesses relating to the digestive system.

  1. You enhance the health of your kidneys

Through water and morning hydration intake, you reduce the risk of kidney failure by 50%. The health of your kidneys is vital, and many infections of the organ are caused by dehydration. That’s why you should drink water immediately after waking up.

  1. It enhances your cell rejuvenation

The human body has many excretion processes, and the body cells get damaged often throughout these processes. When you drink water after waking up, you enhance the process of renewing your body cells.

  1. It reduces constipation

When you are suffering from dehydration, your body shows many symptoms through the digestive system. The impurities in the digestive system may cause constipation because the digestion process slows down. That’s how drinking water immediately after waking up is vital.

  1. It helps in relieving Sinusitis

When you have Sinus symptoms, you have high chances of getting allergies and becoming exposed to many viruses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many health ministries are recommending drinking enough water because through hydration; you stand a low chance of getting infected by the virus. That’s how hydration is vital, especially when you drink water immediately after waking up.

      6. It relieves headaches and enhances the acuity of your brain

The brain has a large percentage of water, and when human beings become dehydrated, they suffer from mild to acute problems. That’s why people working in harsh working environments are advised to drink enough water during working hours. That’s because the brain functions well, especially when you make drinking water immediately after waking up a habit. The positive health benefits of drinking water in the morning are widespread, and better brain function is among the benefits.

It enhances productivity through enhanced brain performance, and you give positive results in everything you do.

  1. It reduces the chances of suffering from Arthritis

When you are aging, several illnesses are caused by low levels of fluid in the joints. That’s how you get symptoms of Arthritis, and this is as a result of dehydration. When you make drinking water in the morning, a habit you enjoy your old age as a benefit of staying hydrated. Arthritis is caused due to less body fluid in the joints hence friction because of low lubrication.

  1. It relieves menstrual cramps

When you have severe menstrual cramps, it’s advisable to drink a lot of water. Drinking water immediately after waking up reduces symptoms of critical menstrual periods. The trick is usually waking up to your four or five glasses, and you will feel the difference in the severity of cramps.

The trick rectifies the menstrual issues, and you should make this a routine practice for positive results.

       9. It’s suitable for solving the lymphatic system infections

When you have pre-existing issues of lymphatic glands, you tend to suffer from many bacterial infections, and through hydration, you can solve this problem quickly. When you make drinking water in the morning a habit, you will notice fewer symptoms of such conditions.

  1.  It fastens the healing process

Through continuous water therapy, you will fix your body’s healing process, which is evident if you have chronic diabetes or tuberculosis and cancer. Doctors recommend drinking water immediately after waking up for these patients, and the therapy works well over a long period.

  1. It nourishes the skin and promotes the glow of your skin

Skin radiance is a common issue for people suffering from dry skin; hence, you get a radiant skin glow when you drink a lot of water. The skin is affected by toxins and impurities in the blood; thus, when you make drinking water in the morning, a habit you promote healthier skin. Drinking many water glasses is essential, and it gives you a radiant glow if you follow your water therapy every morning.

  1. It Helps people battling with losing weight

It can get hard to cut weight, especially if you have been diagnosed with obesity issues, but you can quickly reduce weight when you drink enough water in the morning. Through hydration, your metabolism process is enhanced, and you can get positive results if you incorporate exercises with your water therapy.

This is a natural secret tip to losing weight in a fast way.

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